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E QD Type Bushings

Type E QD bushings offer several advantages. These bushings are designed to transmit the rated torque capacity. They come in all standard hole sizes, metric and biconical, and with set screws or counterweights. Sure-Grip tapered bushings feature dual adjustable tensioners for easy installation. In addition to their counter-threaded threaded holes, they are easy to install and remove and have a long base slot to prevent the bushing from rotating during installation.
Before installing Type E QD bushings, ensure they are free of oil or another lubricant. Insert the flange end of the bushing first, then align it with the shaft. Now insert the sprocket onto the bushing so that the big end of the sprocket is flush with the bushing. Once the sprocket is in place, drill the bolt holes and insert the pull-up bolts into the flange.
In addition to being easy to install, E QD-style bushings have precise dimensions that make them ideal for various applications. These bushings accommodate shafts up to 10 inches in diameter and are available with various key seats. Some of them have shallow keybeds that fit large holes. For easy installation, Wood’s offers special rectangular keys with bushings free of charge. The key is sized to fit the standard keyway of the shaft.

Dimensions of the E QD bushing

  • Bushing Type: E
  • Bore Size: 1-1/8″、1-11/16″、1-3/16″、1-3/8″、25mm、3-3/16″、30mm、32mm、35mm、40mm、45mm、48mm、55mm、60mm、70mm、75mm、85mm、
  • Dimension (A): 0.750″
  • Dimension (B): 3.834″
  • Dimension (D): 6.000″
  • Dimension (E): 1.875″
  • Dimension (F): 1.625″
  • Dimension (G): 0.125″
  • Dimension (L): 2.625″
  • Bolt Circle: 5.000″
  • Set Screw Size: 3/8-16
  • Wrench Torque: 720 LBS
  • Weight: 10.0 LBS

Standard Mounting

1. Make sure the cone on the bushing and the inside of the driven product is clean and free of oil or any anti-seize lubricant.
2. Slide QD bushing on a shaft, flange end first, then assemble key.
3. Place the QD bushing on the shaft. Use only a standard Allen key to tighten the set screw on the key (hand-tight). Don’t push too hard.
4. Slide the large end of the sprocket or other part taper hole into place over the cone, aligning the drilled bolt holes on the sprocket or other part with the taper holes in the bushing flange. Then assemble the pull-up bolt and lock washer.
5. Tighten the pull-up bolts alternately and evenly to the tightening levels shown in the torque table below. Do not use extensions on wrench handles. There should now be a gap between the face of the sprocket or other part hub and the flange of the QD bushing to ensure a satisfactory tapered grip and press fit. NOTE: This gap must not be closed.


Application of QD Bushing

QD bushings are used in a wide variety of applications and are well known as a type of quick disconnect bearing. It has flanges that connect the bushing to the sprocket. QD bushings also feature a 4-degree taper and cap screws for a tighter fit. Bearings of this type are available in different sizes and are commonly used in synchronous drive systems. Typically, QD bushings are made of high-grade steel for extremely high strength and excellent retention.
QD bushings are available for different shaft bore diameters. The “quick release” type bushing has 6 holes for installation and removal and can be installed on either side of the shaft. Remove the bushing by unscrewing the cap screw and tapping on the hub of the sprocket. After removing the bushing, you can turn the wheel to check the fit. This type of bushing has several advantages over conventional bushings.

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